Tell Me A Story | March 2018

Backyard Birds | Ruffed Grouse

As I spotted these two mottled brown birds, I knew it to be a sure sign of spring on the way.  Twice  during the year, spring and fall,  I get these visitors to my backyard.  The ruffed grouses make their way through my property, stopping to feast on the dried berries of an old wild saskatoon tree and the seeds and buds of shrubs near by.  Later in the spring, a low drumming sound will be heard as the male arches his back and beats the air with his cupped wings, producing deep, hollow booms.


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Share Six | March 2018 | Contrast

For the Share Six blog circle this month, we explore CONTRAST.  

 During yet another arctic blast into the prairies (-30°C with windchill -38°C) mid-February,  I attempted to photograph freezing bubbles during the early morning sunrise. These images are my results.

A local photographer,  who does the most amazing severe storm and aurora photography, recently shared his “recipe” for producing freezing bubbles.  
– 200ml warm water
– 35ml corn syrup
– 35ml dish soap
– 2tbs sugar

I thought these images fitting to the theme this month.  Warm and cool tones… smooth and textured… light and shadow…

IMG_6155 copyIMG_6156 copyIMG_6157 copyIMG_6159 copyIMG_6161 copyIMG_6163 copyIMG_6166 copyIMG_6168 copy

I am part of a group of talented photographers, Share Six, who blog 6 images on the 6th of each month with unique monthly themes.

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